13 Replies to “new lake series”

    1. Shari, thank you. And I’m so happy you still enjoy the painting — someday I’ll do a series related to it. Maybe when it gets warmer and I’m out hiking more. I enjoy seeing your delightful watercolors in my reader! Thank you so much for stopping by. Best, Anita

    1. I do love painting these small monochromes… especially during Chicago’s grey bare winters. It sometimes seems they are all I have the energy for this time of year. Thank you, Charles.

  1. Oh Anita, these monochrome paintings can join your “hallmark” of smaller miniature painting gems in my eyes as some of your best yet. I can appreciate your sentiments of how these are produced during your local gray winters; we are due for a Nor’Easter here this weekend!! Can you believe it? It’s practically Spring. I sooo wish I could go to your May Open Studio event. These are just stunning in their starkness and beauty.

    1. Patricia, thank you so much! Hope that Nor’Easter spares your area (I think it will hit Boston and New York harder than you last I saw.) Must stop by to see what you’re up to. Lately, I have been very lax in posting and keeping up. Your comments are much appreciated as always. Stay warm!!

      1. I think you brought us East-coast folks good luck – as that storm is not supposed to amount to anything now. Whew! And I so hear you about keeping up – I only post maybe every two months now! Everyone’s blogging style seems to be changing. I’m trying to post “quality” over “quantity” these days. Have a great Sunday, Anita!

      2. Glad that storm wasn’t bad for you. Yes, the blogging is slowing down for me, too. I have some ideas for large paintings which are time consuming and not always successful. That’s O.K., too, as I am only happy when I’m not sure how things will turn out.

  2. Anita, I really love your work and I’m just going to have a look around your blog to catch up with what you are doing. Love the commission on your home page btw. Best, Nicholas.

    1. Nicholas, you seriously made my day by visiting — thank you for your lovely comments, too! I will stop over to see what I’ve missed on your site — I have been off of WP for months sometimes. Your work is always so inspiring to me. Best, Anita

      1. Hi Anita, many thanks for your very kind words. I do admire your work so much and if I ever get the chance to see your work for real in a gallery, I shall take it! I’m often off WP for ages too, but it is always great to catch up when I get the chance. Wishing you the best, Nicholas.

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