bright moment ~ 36 in x 24 in

bright moment, 36 in x 24 in, oil and wax, © Anita C. Miller 2015
bright moment, 36 in x 24 in, oil and wax, © Anita C. Miller 2015

cad yel light, cad yel deep, Ital. pompeii red, cad red vermillion, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, Mars black, tit zn white, cold wax medium — painted over an older landscape painting — trowel and brushes used

10 Replies to “bright moment ~ 36 in x 24 in”

    1. Yes, I just got back from a walk along the lake! Isn’t it toasty warm today… comparatively speaking! Chicago has been so grey… this painting is about the 5 min. the sun came out a few days ago : ) Just kidding….sort of… Thanks for your kind comments.

  1. Anita, this is amazing. One of my fav “top 10” of all time! How do you stay so versatile? First, you do some monochrome paintings earlier last year, then you do pieces enhanced with digital aspects, and now this glowing explosion of painterly color!! I love it all. A girl can dream of hopefully being in Chicago same time as one of your studio events, one day!! Honestly, I love everything you paint.

    1. I like this one, too. It’s one that was painted over an older painting that I felt was a bit boring. I often find this technique leads to interesting results… I don’t know how it happens. But, I was happy with the abstract/landscape forces at work here, and the bright colors. Thanks, Patricia!

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