bright moment ~ 36 in x 24 in

bright moment, 36 in x 24 in, oil and wax, © Anita C. Miller 2015
bright moment, 36 in x 24 in, oil and wax, © Anita C. Miller 2015

cad yel light, cad yel deep, Ital. pompeii red, cad red vermillion, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, Mars black, tit zn white, cold wax medium — painted over an older landscape painting — trowel and brushes used

untitled (2261)

untitled (2261), 9
untitled (2261), 9″ x 12″, oil on board, © Anita C. Miller

Process:  an oil sketch with Gamsol (solvent) brushed over when partially dry.  Parts were wiped with a cloth.

endings and beginnings

“Fall Woods”, 24″ x 30″, oil on canvas, © Anita C. Miller

Whenever I finish a painting, I often play around with it to get ideas for new paintings.

I take pictures of it, upload them on my Mac and fool around in iPhoto.

I crop, flip and change color and contrast, etc.  So below are some “sketches”

for possible future paintings all based on “Fall Woods” above.

flipped image and cropped
played with color; misty feeling, reminds me of Pacific Northwest forests
lots of sky; color less saturated; feels like spring a bit to me

All images © Anita C. Miller

Two Versions of Fall

“Fall” (version 1), oil on board, 6″ x 6″, © Anita C. Miller

This version was painted over and ended up as the following (which I think I also painted over).

I will use them as studies for a larger piece, perhaps.

“Fall” (version 2), 6″ x 6″, oil on board, © Anita C. Miller

pond study

9″ x 12″ study…   A quiet place with many fallen dead trees in the water.

Often, I see Great Blue Herons standing in the debris, perfectly camouflaged, waiting to catch a meal.  Also, white egrets and woodpeckers come here, and turtles sun themselves on top of the logs.

I left out a lot of details…  the abstraction of the place was more important to me.

Untitled sketch

oil study 9″ x 12″  Limited palette using cad. yellow light, cad. red light, quinacridone magenta, ultramarine blue, phthalo green, Portland grey (light, medium and dark) and chromatic black.

This is basically the Kevin Macpherson palette (except I’ve subbed the quin. mag. for aliz. crimson).

High Country

Living in Chicago where it is so darn flat, I need to see mountains every so often (even if they are just in a painting).

This is a small  (11″ x 14″) oil study on canvas- textured paper.   I like the space in the painting and I had fun doing it quickly and loosely.