9 Replies to “prairie wild 3 — 6″ x 6″”

    1. Thank you for looking and commenting. I do feel lighthearted lately. Fall is wonderful! I love the colors, and the cool air of fall. There seems to be more energy in the air, too. I hope I can paint some more lively ones. I expect that in a few weeks, things will change again…

  1. Oh yes, definitely an Elf. Or maybe it was the Fall Fairy ? I love Fall too, the crispiness in the air in the morning and the warm light. You really put your heart in your work, Anita. I can almost feel your excitement and, perhaps, how you’re in doubt sometimes : to paint or to go out and feel ? Lovely little gems.

    1. Oh, what a lovely comment, Patricia… thank you. I feel that painting is like hiking in a new place… you never really know where you’re going. But, let’s have fun getting there : ) I also love to listen to great jazz while I paint, so the music is influencing my choice of colors and type of brushstroke, I think.

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