13 Replies to “windswept place 6″ x 6″”

  1. Hi, Also wanted to find out what the pallette you usually use for your paintings is like… I love the muted and subdued colours with hints of bolder ones… Also, what brand do you use… I finally decided to take my inspiration from your blog onto the gessoboard! :)… These tips might help me get started..and do you usually work in knife? Do you take workshops around the NY/NJ area? or Online? Thanks in advance for any info you are willing to share… Big fan of your work! :)

    1. Hi Pink, the palette I use is: cadmium yellow light, cadmium red vermillion (or light or just plain cad red) quinacridone magenta, sevres blue, ultramarine blue, burnt umber and sometimes phthalo green ( but, don’t use much of this because it is REALLY strong). Of course white, also. I love the Williamsburg brand (although it is very expensive) I also like Gamblin brand. I don’t take workshops, I’ve just kept at this painting thing for 30 years and am self taught, basically. You WILL improve if you paint EVERY day and even if it’s for 1/2 hour… just DO IT. Just accept that you will have a lot that will go in the trash : ) That is a fact!!! Play around, experiment, don’t paint like others… paint like YOU!! Best, Anita

  2. Hi Anita, you are so kind… :) Thank you for sharing your palette and thoughts… I will definitely try and keep to the painting everyday…and try to keep it original, to my observation of things I like… Still experimenting so hopefully I find my ground at some point… Look forward to more of your works, they are so fresh… I am mostly comfortable sketching but I want to play around with paints and you are so helpful with my doubts :)… Thank You

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