24 Replies to “prairie wild 4 — 6″ x 6″”

    1. Thank you, Doron. This little painting is a bit deceptive. I actually spent lots more time on it than the others. A lot of scraping off paint and putting it back on until I was satisfied that it looks like it took 10 minutes, maybe. I want them to look like it was easy…

      1. I will be the last to time you, I wonder who would. I can only stand watch and enjoy. True from here I feel as if you never had a struggle with a paintings..

      2. Almost all have some bit of struggle in them. It would not be interesting or a challenge if it was easy for each one. Our job is to MAKE it seem like the painting just happened on its own : ) (That palette knife is great for scraping off failed attempts!) You always have such nice comments, Doron. Thank you : )

      3. Anita my dear friend I think you are going to have some burning hears next week… sorry never meant to hurt you but I participate in an abstract evening class and I am going to say few words on someone you enjoy their work and who inspire you.. I have chosen you/rs and another one. I am sure you will have few new visitors… enjoy. (Hope it is OK with you?)

      4. Oh that’s great, Doron : ) I am flattered that you would pick me. I am not really abstract (although I started out many years ago totally abstract). I do enjoy some abstract elements in each piece.

      5. I see some key elements in your work that I would love to be able to add to my abstract work one day… and it is a great pleasure. I have seen some earlier work of yours which I oftwen come back to see and enjoy again and again…

      6. Oh that is wonderful. Now, you have me a bit curious : ) I would love to know if there is a specific work(s) that you go back to. You said something earlier is what you like to see “again and again”. You have really sparked my curiosity, Doron!

      7. I think many from the wetland series you did, the polar bear, heron and many more.. many are in your archive.. I think I first saw your work on one of the American, probably dailly painting I remember the fox… one picture was with the canal and another with forest.. but you did many more. I love to see others also in your archive. Summer in chicago and one which is very much me, my colours Red forest.. I have tried painting it some time ago before seeing yours but with another artist very similar concept and then I saw your painting. I never managed to mix the colours as good… Well still learning though.. I could see in yours simply what I have tried to achieve. There are many paintings of your work I enjoy. I like your technique and find you very talented and experience, many thanks for the inspiration. I feel that as I always said it is a journey I am going on.. and I need to learn a lot along the way… I know I’ll get there one day or maybe further along the way… thanks to artist like you and few others.

      8. Doron, I thank you very much for this answer. I had forgotten all about Red Forest! That was very popular in my last open studio… someone wanted to buy it, but their spouse didn’t want it. Red is a color that many people are drawn to. Yes, I remember the fox, too. That did sell. I have to paint another one… they are so beautiful! Thanks again for taking the time to answer this. I hope that I can continue to paint something that inspires someone. I’m glad you like my paintings, and we all just have to keep at it to try to keep getting better. Happy painting, Doron : )

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