minimal landscape

I painted this one yesterday in one shot.  I never intended it to be this minimal, but something is telling me to stop.  This photo was taken under studio lights, unfortunately.  It’s been a dark and rainy week here.  Colors used:  Italian yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, burnt umber and titanium zinc oxide.  All Williamsburg brand paints.

click on image to see large

untitled, 48″ x 36″, oil, © Anita C. Miller


14 Replies to “minimal landscape”

  1. Beautiful work, looks complete, I feel that there’s a certain kind of peace in this, anymore work and it may be broken.

    1. Thank you Chandana. I hadn’t thought of Rothko, but I guess there might be some connection. Most often people at open studios tell me they see a bit of Turner in my paintings. Anyway, I’m flattered : )

  2. Yeah, agree witht he above. A lovely feeling of space and time. Makes me feel as though I’m sitting on the beach just looking out. Thankyou. Tony

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