pond study

9″ x 12″ study…   A quiet place with many fallen dead trees in the water.

Often, I see Great Blue Herons standing in the debris, perfectly camouflaged, waiting to catch a meal.  Also, white egrets and woodpeckers come here, and turtles sun themselves on top of the logs.

I left out a lot of details…  the abstraction of the place was more important to me.

Untitled sketch

oil study 9″ x 12″  Limited palette using cad. yellow light, cad. red light, quinacridone magenta, ultramarine blue, phthalo green, Portland grey (light, medium and dark) and chromatic black.

This is basically the Kevin Macpherson palette (except I’ve subbed the quin. mag. for aliz. crimson).

Early evening along the lake

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view from Northwestern University looking south.  Chicago skyline in distance.

another view looking south toward Chicago from NU.

looking East over Lake Michigan from NU campus.  Ah! peace and quiet!  An absolutely perfect evening.

I may take up some plein air painting this summer!  I can’t get enough of this view in summer.


This is a small quick oil sketch I did some time ago.  I’m thinking a big canvas with many repeating bird shapes might be fun…a migration theme.

That reminds me, a few winters ago, I was fortunate to travel to New Mexico to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.  My husband and I witnessed thousands of migrating sandhill cranes, Arctic geese  and other birds.  The birds travel here and stay through the winter.  When they come in to land or take off–huge numbers of them all at once–the sight is awesome.  This is a magnificent place to visit if you are a nature lover.

Stampede– a small oil


11″ x 14″ fast palette knife painting with abstracted stampeding horses…click on the detail.

I was pleased with how the detail horses came out.  You have to use your imagination with the other “horses”.

High Country

Living in Chicago where it is so darn flat, I need to see mountains every so often (even if they are just in a painting).

This is a small  (11″ x 14″) oil study on canvas- textured paper.   I like the space in the painting and I had fun doing it quickly and loosely.