morning beach 8″ x 8″

morning beach study

oil on archival panel

© Anita C. Miller 2013


This painting had a lot of details and I didn’t think it was working… so I brushed over it with a large brush, and voila… details gone and I’m much happier.  This painting inspired the larger painting of the same title.


Windward Coast

I used Gamblin’s Portland greys (light, medium and dark) and Chromatic Black.  The Ampersand gesso board is sometimes lightly brushed with Gamsol solvent before starting the painting.  I’m using fine sable hair brushes (and sometimes my fingers) for these little paintings.

"Windward Coast", 6" x 6", oil on board, © Anita C. Miller
“Windward Coast”, 8″ x 8″, oil on board, © Anita C. Miller

Trail To The Summit

This little monochrome painting from yesterday is based on an Oahu hike my husband and I took this past winter.  I’ve included the reference photo this time and the link to my previous post on this hike where you can see the summit views.

"Trail To The Summit", 8" x 10", oil  © Anita C. Miller
“Trail To The Summit”, 8″ x 10″, oil on board   © Anita C. Miller

I could have kept working on the painting, but decided I liked the ambiguity and stopped.  No clear view of the trail ahead.

my husband leading the way.  I had the figure in the painting initially, but then took him out.
My husband leading the way. I had the figure in the painting initially, but then took him out.


“Fin”ale – Aloha!

Things are moving at a turtle’s pace in the studio this past week.  I am wiping off paint after spending many hours putting it on, and that is not a good thing…So I thought I would share this last bunch of photos from Oahu (I promise it’s the last).

Hope you enjoy them.  Click on them to see very large.


The aquarium just south of Waikiki is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  The fish are amazing and the tanks are beautifully designed.


Hanauma Bay is THE place to go snorkeling.  I now wish I had looked into getting a prescription lens for snorkeling (I am very near sighted) so I didn’t go in.


My husband had a great time and was able to get inches away from the fish. The great thing about this place is that they severely limit the number of people here.  The parking lot fills up early and then they turn people away.

IMG_3791Waikiki Beach from the top of Diamondhead.

IMG_3786Every evening the sunset was spectacular and people would just hang out on Waikiki Beach for the show.  The pink hotel is one of the oldest — the Royal Hawaiian.


silver serenity

(click on photos to see large)

view from Diamondhead
we hiked up the trail to the top of  Diamondhead –the view was so worth it
Hanauma Bay snorkelers
Hanauma Bay snorkelers
green sea turtle
green sea turtle coming ashore at Hanauma Bay

This beautiful creature inspired my most recent painting.  We got to see him up close

before an area was roped off to keep people away.


silver light off Waikiki Beach
silver light off Waikiki Beach

~ see you next year!

detail of a painting in progress © Anita C. Miller

Dear fellow bloggers, I will be taking the rest of the year off from blogging.  See you in 2013!  I wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Best wishes!


endings and beginnings

“Fall Woods”, 24″ x 30″, oil on canvas, © Anita C. Miller

Whenever I finish a painting, I often play around with it to get ideas for new paintings.

I take pictures of it, upload them on my Mac and fool around in iPhoto.

I crop, flip and change color and contrast, etc.  So below are some “sketches”

for possible future paintings all based on “Fall Woods” above.

flipped image and cropped
played with color; misty feeling, reminds me of Pacific Northwest forests
lots of sky; color less saturated; feels like spring a bit to me

All images © Anita C. Miller

Two Versions of Fall

“Fall” (version 1), oil on board, 6″ x 6″, © Anita C. Miller

This version was painted over and ended up as the following (which I think I also painted over).

I will use them as studies for a larger piece, perhaps.

“Fall” (version 2), 6″ x 6″, oil on board, © Anita C. Miller

Quiet Place

“Quiet Place”, 9″ x 12″, oil on board, © Anita C. Miller 2012

There are muskrats beneath these waters.  I’ve seen them, but they are elusive creatures!

#30 — untitled (Great Blue heron)

9″ x 12″ study– oil on canvas

click on photo to see large– this guy is so beautiful!

the dead trees (snags) give nice diagonals

photos are from Middlefork Savanna forest preserve in Lake Forest, IL 

all content and images © Anita C. Miller 2012