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My passion for art began at California College of the Arts where I studied large scale ceramic sculpture.  The renowned West Coast ceramic artist, Viola Frey, was on the faculty then and I was influenced by her work.  After some years of working with clay on large sculptures, I felt a desire to try painting.  Eventually, I became hooked on the substance of oil paint.  What I love about this medium is its flexibility.  Paintings can undergo changes at any time.

I love to experiment with different subjects and ways to apply paint to canvas.  Along with various types of brushes, I use palette knives, tools from the hardware store, my gloved hands and anything else that I think will make a beautiful or unusual mark.  I like to scrape back through areas just painted, too, because that makes another kind of mark.


My work is in numerous private, corporate collections and Northwestern University.  I sometimes accept commissions.

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