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My passion for art began at California College of the Arts where I studied large scale ceramic sculpture.  The renowned ceramic artist, Viola Frey, was on the faculty and I was influenced by her work.  After some years of working on large sculptures, I felt a desire to try painting.  Eventually, I became hooked on the substance of oil paint which I have used almost exclusively for over 20 years.  The artists who have had the greatest influence on me are Velasquez, Rembrandt, Inness and Gerhard Richter (especially because of his versatility in mastering realism as well as abstraction) to name a few.

I love to experiment with different subjects and ways to apply paint to canvas.  Along with various types of brushes, I use palette knives, tools from the hardware store, my gloved hands and anything else that I think will make a beautiful or unusual mark.  I like to scrape back through areas just painted, too, because that makes another kind of mark.


My work is in private, corporate collections and Northwestern University.  I sometimes accept commissions.

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