untitled abstract ~ 42″ x 46″

large abstract oil painting
untitled abstract, 42″ x 46″

Oil and cold wax — large palette knife used.  As much paint taken off as put on; multiple layers.  Fellow Chicago art lovers, please stop by my studio in the Greenleaf Art Center on Fri. October 16 from 6 – 10PM for my fall open studio event.


6 Replies to “untitled abstract ~ 42″ x 46″”

    1. Thanks so much, Tony! This painting has a wonderful translucent and almost “velvety” texture from the cold wax medium that does not come across in the photo. Yes, come to Chicago someday! It is a beautiful city this time of year.

  1. Anita, I’m speechless. This painting is just magnificent. Just as X-ray said above, I can’t stop looking at this! There is something about those burnt orange swirls or geometric teardrop-shape I see near the center of the canvas that is constantly drawing me inward. I know you’re going to have a stellar event – I wish I lived closer to attend!!!

    1. Patricia, thanks so much for describing how you see this. I am thinking about how differently we approach our art. You must plan and execute with precision (tell me if I’m wrong)… and I play and hope something interesting happens (at least lately). Thanks also for your best wishes for the open studio … I have some different pieces that are quite strange (that I haven’t posted yet) and I am curious what comments will come my way!

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