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    1. Thank you so much, Charles! I totally agree and I have to say the best part of talking to people is to try to answer their questions. Or, a lot of times, people who have painted in the past and then stopped come by and I try to give them encouragement to try it again! Everyone seems to think it should be easy and if they don’t do a masterpiece right away they don’t have any talent. Where does that idea come from?! You have to work at it like everything else, right?

      1. Absolutely. As Thomas Edison once famously said “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”. I love the questions also. Questions help me clarify my intent. Translating this abstract act of pushing paint around, born from the realm of intellect, emotion, and experience into language. I think you are much kinder than I. When I get the “I used to ” comments, I try and ask how their creativity manifests its self. It is my belief everyone is creative in their own way. But secretly I am over joyed at the fact they lack the stamina to incorporate this particular adventure into their life. Somehow I think it must be reserved for those that have the overwhelming need, and yes this perspective is a mirror of my relationship with painting. It’s also why I so enjoy your blog, every visit you’re working, working, working . . . plus I love your source material!

      2. Charles, your response is so well written and if I could put my thoughts into words, it would come out as you have stated. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say here. I always sense a bit of desperation from people who say they “can’t draw a straight line”. I feel like I must tell them it’s OK to fail… And, yes, not everyone will get something out of painting… everyone has their own creative need as you say. I’m sure you would agree with me that it is like a drug and we are addicts. For myself, if I don’t get to paint, I feel like the day is wasted… even if what I’ve done is not so good. At least I have gone somewhere that I’ve never seen before and it is all a long journey. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. Anita

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