12 Replies to “untitled (14/1)”

    1. Oh, yeah!! I haven’t done a really big one like that for a couple years… maybe it’s about time. The last 6 footer I did took 3 months! This is my dilemma, Tony…. how much time do I want to spend? If only I COULD do a large one fast and with the energy of the little one. Maybe…

      1. It’s the energy that shines through your six-inch pictures, It could be stunning on a large canvas – if you take months over it the spontaneity and vigor that so characterises your style will be very difficult to maintain. I reckon this one, reproduced with a stiff six inch brush (a lot of sixes in this) would be unbeatable. Tony

      2. My favorite larger size these days is about 40″ x 40″. You don’t need a truck to transport it and people generally have the wall space for it. Thanks for your input, Tony.

    1. Thank you very much, abex. I guess you nailed it… that’s how I feel about winter and the gloominess of these seemingly endless cloudy days in Chicago (when it’s not snowing!) Sometimes it just comes out in the painting without me thinking about it.

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