great blue — 6″ x 6″

ww 4

Most of the orange grasses in the background were made by scratching through the paint (sgraffito) back to the orange undertone.  I also scratched through in the water in several areas.  My new favorite palette now is:  titanium zinc white, cadmium yellow hansa (or light), cadmium red vermillion, quinacridone magenta, phthalo blue (new – I eliminated sevres blue), and ultramarine blue.  I like the simplicity of just 5 colors plus white.

Great Blue Heron, photo reference
Great Blue Heron, photo reference

12 Replies to “great blue — 6″ x 6″”

  1. Great, love the orange backgorund I have tried it for a landscape and it is nice coming through… It was also interesting to read about your site in Ben Huberman wordpress email about art’s blogs. well done and good weekend.

  2. Anita, congratulations on being honored on the WP post about artists’ blogs. You are very worthy of it. Well done!! I love this painting up above, by the way. I am really liking all the color you’re pouring on lately!

    1. L’Adelaide, thanks so much! I am happy that you like the painting, and isn’t fall ALL about color : ) I look forward to the leaves turning… that will probably inspire me to keep using the bright colors for awhile anyway!

  3. I love the colors!! I’ve seen a couple of paintings like yours using the scratching technique and I think I’m going to use it as well for my next painting!! I need to practice though as it will be my first time :) congrats on your work, it is beautiful!!

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