11 Replies to “wild wetland 6″ x 6″”

  1. Lovely painting, much more to it than the photograph. I work with a class of students and we were discussing the use of photographs in their work. The most important thing is that the photograph should work as a tool not be the end in itself. You’ve demonstrated this so well here. The photo is a starting point – you as the artist, have brought the rest. :-)

    1. Yes!! So many people are taught that working from photos is a “no no”. Well, I’ve painted plein air, and I frankly think that the final outcome is all that matters. I don’t care if it’s done in a studio or outdoors, does the painting have truth to it in the end. The photo is just the framework, the general composition is implied… but, so many different outcomes can happen. And now I like to paint multiple versions from the photo to see some possibilites. Thanks so much for visiting and your wonderful comments!

      1. A photo is also proof something will work in 2D. I use them to pull colors out of shadows detail out of highlights, and sometimes desaturated to see if the image still works in black and white.

  2. It expresses the true beauty of nature. I love seeing when artist put true feeling and power into natures essence and beauty. Working off of a picture is wonderful i personally enjoy it!

  3. i love it. especially the vegetation. Maybe one day you should visit my blog too looks like we share something in common when it comes to nature.

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