Small Sunflower 6″ x 6″

© Anita C. Miller,  "Small Sunflower", 6" x 6" oil on gessobord, click here to purchase with PayPal

© Anita C. Miller

This little painting was inspired by a recent trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  While painting this, I realized that I love the contrast of the dark central void with the bright corona of petals and spiky flower parts.

15 Replies to “Small Sunflower 6″ x 6″”

  1. Anita, as soon as I saw this lovely petite painting, it reminded me of the first time I saw Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting at the Phila. Museum of Art. Although yours in just one bud, it’s just fabulous how you’ve almost ascribed a moody feel to this lonely single flower!! I love how you’ve rendered that inside “nubby” dark area of the flower’s center. So powerful yet so petite! P.S. I’m very behind of some of your recent posts – hope to be catching up on them soon. I don’t want to miss anything!

    1. Patricia, thank you for all your wonderful comments! You are going to give me a big head : ) I have to say that the moody feel was not preplanned and just happened as I began the dark central “void”. I probably put too dark a color on, then decided to leave it because I, too, felt it was very powerful — like a black hole sucking you in!!

      1. I could not have said this better myself – a ” dark, central void” – that’s exactly what I experience as I look at this piece. And the yellow and wilting flower petals above just drooping into this void really set this mood. I’m so envious of the folks that will see your work at your open studio event in October!!

      2. Oh, back at you, Patricia. I so would love to see your exquisitely crafted jewelry in person some day. Best of luck with your upcoming shows. I look forward to reading all about them!!

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