wilderness from the bus 8″ x 10″

Can any painter do anything blurry without thinking of Gerhard Richter?

blurry landscape


8 thoughts on “wilderness from the bus 8″ x 10″

      1. I’ve just had a look at your other stuff and frankly it’s all quite lovely. You’re a fantastic artist. Don’t know if it interests you but I write poetry, please feel free to have a read of my musings.

      2. I will stop by later to check out your blog. I admit, I know next to nothing about poetry, and am frankly “writing challenged”. I will try to tell you what I feel. Best, Anita

    1. yes! What is one to do when one spends HOURS traversing Alaska wilderness in a tour bus — take many, many photos and start thinking… hmmm… something here strikes me as interesting : )

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