9 Replies to “through the wilderness by rail 6″ x 6″”

    1. Thank you, Doron. This one is so ambiguous that I probably should post the photo that I used. The train is on the right side, I was leaning out the window and looking all the way up to the front. (The bright orange flecks are on the front car.) Maybe it looks like rocks, but is actually train cars on the right. There is one rock above the cars. It’s very abstract and I decided to leave it that way : )

      1. It is funny you said a Train I thought it was initially and on second thought ended with rocks.. It is still special… I since saw few more of the series and it is amazing what you do. Pleasure to watch your ability and expression on canvass.

  1. You do a great job photographing your artwork. I feel like you capture a lot of the texture that is usually lost in photographs. Do you mind sharing some tips and tricks how to achieve this?

    1. Sure! You have to remember that these are really small paintings so the camera is about a foot away. I am shooting on the macro setting. The light is from my skylight and is at a slight angle to the painting so the texture shows more. When I photograph large paintings, I sometimes include a close up detail to show the texture… otherwise it will not show up at all. Being close is the key : )

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