7 Replies to “summer’s last sail 6″ x 6″ [sold]”

  1. Love this! But then again you knew I would. Have a great rest of the summer too! I will be unavailable for a couple of weeks soon as well. Have fun!

  2. Anita, having just returned from our vacation, I am quite envious of your August! This is indeed a lovely little painting. I wish you could have been at the opening I just blogged about – it was a small works’ show, and a piece like this (or any of your other fabulous new paintings) would have fit right in perfectly!! The texture of this lake in your piece looks so incredibly realistic and stunning, despite it being an abstraction – I’d swear I was back out on the boat myself!

    1. Patricia, thank you very much. I hope your vacation was a good one and I will definitely check out your latest post which I always look forward to. : ) I’m hoping to hear more about you exhibiting your unique jewelry art pieces, too!

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