16 Replies to “walk in the park 9″ x 12″”

  1. There’s a good feel about this picture, The subject in the photo is the figures, you have successfully changed it to the landscape. Showing the stages of development is good too, thanks for that. It also gives ideas for my digital pictures. It must be useful to look back and reflect on those stages. Thanks for sharing the thought process. Tony.

    1. Thanks Tony. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the stages and I hope this is useful to you with your work. I know I always like seeing how others go about creating… maybe you’ll show us your stages in the future. Seeing the stages of the painting is useful to me because I realize now that earlier stages could become starting points for variations on the painting. Have a great day. Anita

      1. Thanks, Often I find with the digital images an outcome is serendipitous, but paint sometimes behaves unexpectedly too. There are times when application of different filters produce beautiful variations and it’s difficult to decide which to keep – I make it a rule to discard all but one. Cheerio, Tony

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