by the huge oaks 6″ x 6″

big oaks

palette: cadmium yellow light, quinacridone magenta, cadmium red vermillion, ultramarine blue,  sevres blue and white.  Initial warm tone of vermillion plus some sevres blue (applied as a wash).  This one was not quick like yesterday’s.  I had to scrape a lot off at one point because I was painting too many details.

8 Replies to “by the huge oaks 6″ x 6″”

  1. What a great painting. I’m surprised how small it is. Do you usually work at this size? Seems like this particular painting would be even more impressive at a larger size ( that being said, I’m working on 4″ x 4″ panels…).

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Well, I prefer actually to work very large — in the 5 to 6 foot range. But, for summer, I am enjoying these little ones as a break. It would be difficult to bring the energy of the brushwork to a large canvas… but, who knows, maybe you have given me an idea for the future : )

  2. Agree with above – a great painting. I don’t think the detail in the foreground is distracting, in fact quite the opposite. Glad you’re happy with it. Tony

  3. This is just great ! And you know, i agree with Tony about the detail in the foreground. This is how we look at our surroundings while we are walking : we kind of “take in” a general picture and “see” the details closer to us. This is so familiar ; it could be Belgium. I’m sure I heard a blackbird singing while I was walking on that path. So real !

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