afternoon sail 6″ x 6″

afternoon sailoil on archival panel

© Anita C. Miller 2013

I’m continuing to experiment with color (a different palette) and brushes.  Palette used: cadmium yellow light, cadmium red vermillion, quinacridone magenta, ultramarine blue, sevres blue and zinc titanium white.  Painted alla prima in about 45 minutes.   The brushes used are my new Silver Bristlon (brights) which I am loving.

Also, before starting the painting, I brushed a thin warm color over the entire panel, then wiped most of it off.  This toned the surface so that I wasn’t painting on white.  I left some of this color show through on the sails and the right side of the hull.

15 Replies to “afternoon sail 6″ x 6″”

  1. Great painting! The colors bring out the spirit of the action and frame the activity in clearly defined abstraction allowing the observer to work the image in their mind as they themselves conjure their own perceptions of the experience of sailing a small boat… :)

      1. No problem.
        I am very new at blogging (my blog is about half a year old) and after I received some nominations I wanted to see what happens after you accept them…
        …but I don’t take it to seriously and used my nominations more as a compliment for some of the blogs I especially like.

      2. Thanks again and I like your blog very much, also : ) I especially like those fantastical “collage” type images that you sometimes post. But, you always surprise me!

      3. Thank you very much.
        I like to try different things and I like to alter the pictures later and turn them into something different – doing the collages I also like very much – but it is not so easy and sometimes I have to go out and take some more pictures because some elements are missing in the photographs I already have. But therefore I have the liberty post different things :-)
        I recently added a keyword for all the collages, by the way. So if I didn’t forget to tag one, you will find them all here:


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