3 Replies to “lake 15 ~ 6″ x 6″”

  1. Anita, at the risk of my sounding like an oxymoron, your incredibly new “boldness” of brushstokes are working its way into a “subtlety” of new color and composition. Your new work is so prolific in this genre – I feel so behind in missing just a few posts!! This new series looks incredible. Your work is exuding even more confidence than ever!

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I guess the brushstrokes do look bold… but, the camera is very close to the painting and the paintings are just about life size on the computer screen. There is a lot of boldness in the strokes in the large paintings (some of them, at least) that gets lost when I have to back away to get the entire painting in the shot. Maybe I should take more close up shots. I am feeling quite happy so far with these little ones. I very much appreciate your insights as usual : )

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