14 Replies to “My Little Black Book”

  1. Thanks for sharing the sketches in your workbook. I too need to sketch more and like you need to psyche myself up to it! I’ll look forward to seeing what you do.

    1. Elaine, thanks for your comments. Yes, it is hard to get started… but, it really is fun and I like that sketches are not so serious. It’s really a great chance to experiment a bit.

      1. I think I get bogged down thinking that I have to get it right rather than just sketching for the sake of sketching. There needs to be freedom to make mistakes in your sketchbook, or more correctly, there are no mistakes just sketches!

    1. Thanks so much, Nicholas. I truly feel the same about your work. In fact, I think seeing your work made me remember these drawings. I think YOU are inspiring ME. Great how that works!

      1. That’s great because when I saw these pages of yours I was excited by them and they energised my thinking and motivated me. I see a lot in blogs that is very inspiring or thought provoking, which is great for us artists. You really have a wonderful facility to draw. I particularly liked your painting entitled ‘Amsterdam’. I thought it was beautifully contructed both compositionally and in colour values. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!

      2. Nicholas, I so appreciate your kind comments. I’m glad that my drawings/paintings inspire you in some way. It’s really fantastic to find others like yourself who will take the time to look and comment. I look forward to seeing more of your work, too!

  2. I love these sketches, so vibrant and alive. I’m trying to draw more too, it’s sort of fallen off for a few weeks. Best wishes for your return to sketching.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Annerose. I bought a new sketchbook and tried some sketching with uniball pens… my sketches so far are pretty bad. It’s funny, I don’t like the feel of these pens and the lines. I have to go back to the water soluble graphite and the Hand Book sketchbook from Dick Blick (I like the paper very much in it).

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