20 Replies to “Untitled 22″ x 42″”

    1. thanks! I used a photo from Hawaii for reference for the sky (I was on Oahu in Dec.) and I realize now how much I miss the sun around here! The past couple weeks have been particularly grey and snowy … can’t wait for spring!

      1. I meant to say, I can see why you removed the sailboat. The sun really is a strong focal point and as I said, I love the light.
        I will look forward to future paintings with boats.. One of my favourite subjects ;-)

      2. Yes, I can see they are a favorite subject! And all the beautiful details in your photos are amazing to me. For a painter, this is the opposite from how I work (since I’m not a photorealist painter) I have to think in terms of shapes (and the fewer large shapes the better) and balance lights/darks, positive/negative shapes, etc. But, I so appreciate your input : )

  1. Anita, I love boats, but no doubt there is great balance for this one without.. It looks very calm.. Like it. mind you learning and observing your work, you will make it good with and without the boat…

    1. thanks, doron. I appreciate your comments very much. I am here in the studio right now looking at it in natural light. It is calm throughout except for that final “slice” of sun and some beams shooting around. I think it reflects my mental state… I’m starting to feel awake again after this long winter!

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