18 Replies to “autumn prairie 60″ x 48″”

  1. Just when I think your blog could not possibly get any better – I see this painting and I’m blown away. WOW is right!! Way too much amazingly gorgeous things going on here. First, I’m soo glad you posted the detail shots b/c I was so taken w/the gold finches that I didn’t at first even see your treatment of the stormy sky. That looks unbelievable…what a talent you have, Anita! I can only imagine how great this piece looks in-person. Stellar!!

  2. Hi Anita. I’ve just nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. Please feel free to accept or decline as I know these things take time that we can’t all spare. Either way, I enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with a few others too. Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much, Mabel. I’ve tried all kinds of painting media and in my opinion, watercolor is the most difficult. I chose oils — which to me are the easiest — you can always correct mistakes easily in oils. Good luck and I hope you do try painting in watercolors : )

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