6 Replies to “tommy and the finch”

  1. Anita, Tommy is so handsome! Any chance you adopted him from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago? Our first boy cat came from there – and he reminded me lots of your Tommy. It’s so terribly cold and snowy/rainy here this week – I can’t blame him for snuggling up to that radiator one bit!!! (Lovely sketch, by the way!)

    1. Hi Patricia! Tommy and his brother (who died a few years ago) were adopted from a shelter here in Evanston. Glad you missed all the huge amounts of snow there! I got my sketchbook out one day when it was very icy here and I didn’t want to drive to the studio. I haven’t drawn in a very long time and enjoyed it immensely! I hope to do more in that sketchbook, thanks. Hope you are doing well.

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