silver serenity

(click on photos to see large)

view from Diamondhead
we hiked up the trail to the top of  Diamondhead –the view was so worth it
Hanauma Bay snorkelers
Hanauma Bay snorkelers
green sea turtle
green sea turtle coming ashore at Hanauma Bay

This beautiful creature inspired my most recent painting.  We got to see him up close

before an area was roped off to keep people away.


silver light off Waikiki Beach
silver light off Waikiki Beach

10 Replies to “silver serenity”

    1. Thanks very much… the silver light was because there were a lot of brief showers during the day. The atmosphere was loaded with moisture.. lots of rainbows too, but unfortunately I didn’t get any good shots of those.

  1. Anita, I missed reading your blog while you took your holiday break. But now I can see why! What impressive vistas you saw and I love your gorgeous photography. My husband lived in Hawaii for several years for work, and seeing Waikiki Beach in your photos helps me to visualize so much of the beauty in those beaches and sky.

    1. Hey, Patricia, I missed you too! I need to catch up so much! I’m glad you like the photos (I think it’s difficult NOT to take a good photo in Hawaii, especially when you climb up for a vista!) It was beautiful on Oahu, but I must admit that over the last 10 years or so, I’ve been fortunate to travel to a few of the other islands and I think Maui is still my favorite. I bet your husband was sad to leave Hawaii!

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