endings and beginnings

“Fall Woods”, 24″ x 30″, oil on canvas, © Anita C. Miller

Whenever I finish a painting, I often play around with it to get ideas for new paintings.

I take pictures of it, upload them on my Mac and fool around in iPhoto.

I crop, flip and change color and contrast, etc.  So below are some “sketches”

for possible future paintings all based on “Fall Woods” above.

flipped image and cropped
played with color; misty feeling, reminds me of Pacific Northwest forests
lots of sky; color less saturated; feels like spring a bit to me

All images © Anita C. Miller

11 Replies to “endings and beginnings”

  1. That’s really interesting … I never thought about a painter using photoshop to revision their work, but it makes a lot of sense. Could you, if you wanted, just saw off the canvas for a crop, if you decided you wanted that?

    1. Well, the canvas is over stretcher bars. I could, if I wanted, remove the canvas from the bars and then cut it and mount it to a board. It’s probably best, in my opinion, to just do a second version of the painting…won’t be exact, but will be close.

  2. Isn’t it amazing what having a digital editing program can do for us as artists…I frequently think about how lucky young students are today, having access to being able to do this, and what I would have done to have Photoshop or any editing program when I was in school, instead of just a sketchbook! Sketchbooks are not nearly as much fun! Really gorgeous painting, Anita.

    1. I am really not a digitally savvy person…I don’t even have photoshop. I do enjoy playing around mostly with color on a computer. I can see it on the screen and then copy it in the painting. The one thing that the computer cannot give is texture…the substance of paint : ) But, I agree, the computer is a wonderful tool… Thanks, Patricia.

  3. Cool painting! Nice colours! It’s really brilliant! you are a big artist! Exibit more.
    I feel this air, this Forest,it’s so fresh! I adore landscapes-and i see that you do the same. Thank you .Look at my paintings-your opinion is interesting for me.

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